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Mobile Application for your business security system

Your alarm is at your fingertips, even on the road

Mobile Application

With a simple touch, the Total Connect Remote Services application let you control your security system, receive text messages and e-mail alerts— and even view live video on your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, BlackBerry® or Android™ devices.* Stay connected to whats going on at home or the office, from any where in the world.

Whether you’re looking to check up on your employees or contractors we can put peace of mind in the palm of your hand.


Control your alarm system remotely  

The remote keypad feature works just like the security system keypad you have at home.  It allows you access and operate your alarm system from anywhere in the world when using your smartphone, other compatible wireless devices, or computer. It's never been easier to stay in the know and stay in control. 

Real-time alerts 

Specify the events you want to know about, and receive notices when they occur.  We'll send you e-mails, text messages or video alerts in real-time. Checking on employees is as easy as checking your e-mail.

Video Services

Who says you can't be everywhere at once? If you have a laptop, smartphone or any web-enabled device, you've got everything you need to look in on your business wherever you are over a highly secure Internet connection. 

Your Business Protected No Matter Your Location

If your business could talk to you, what would it say? All you need is your laptop or mobile phone to stay in the know and stay in control. With Total Connect™ Remote Services, if it's happening in your business, it's happening on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

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