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While it's true that you can put a price on home security systems, one thing you CAN'T attach a dollar value to is peace of mind. Your home is more than just four walls and a roof. It's where your loved ones sleep at night. It's where you store all the valuables and other belongings that you've worked so hard for. It's that warm feeling you get when you return to someplace you love after a hard day.
At Security Doctors of Illinois, we specialize in the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that all of these elements and more are protected, both for now and for all time. Not only can we easily setup and install your home security systems, but we also offer 24 hour a day, seven day a week monitoring as well. These are the types of home alarm systems that help protect you against things like:
  • Burglary
  • Home Invasion
  • Fire
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Medical Emergencies
  • 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week, 365 Days a Year
Security Doctors of Illinois deeply believes that a home security system that DOESN'T offer around the clock protection is more than useless. Our 24/7 monitoring service is award winning and keeps your home protected at all hours of the day, end of story. The moment your home security system is triggered, our trained operators quickly dispatch emergency responders to your house or place of residence. You don't have to worry about a thing.

Home Security the Mobile Way

Thanks to our position as a forward-thinking and tech-savvy home security solutions provider, Security Doctors of Illinois also offers services that are compatible with a proprietary mobile application. Have you ever left the house in the morning and wondered whether you remembered to set the alarm? Have you ever gone on vacation and couldn't remember if you locked the front door?
You don't have to any longer. With Security Doctors' mobile application, you can disarm or arm your system from your mobile device or computer. You can also setup your home alarm security system to send text messages or email alerts with updates. You can arm, disarm, and monitor your system from your computer or mobile device! It truly doesn't get much more straightforward than that.

Security Doctors of Illinois - Your Security is Our Business

Above all else, Security Doctors of Illinois is proud of the fact that we've been doing our part to help keep people just like you safe for over 30 years. The industry has changed a great deal over the last three decades, particularly when it comes to technology. Our approach, along with our care and dedication to our clients, however, has not.
If you're in or around the Chicago area and are looking for more information about home alarm systems, or if you'd like to find out more about the security-centric and technologically advanced products that we offer, please don't delay - contact us today.

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