Essential Security Features for the Modern Home Four distinct capabilities that today's homes should address when it comes to their security.

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4 Modern Home Security Features to Consider

  • April 5, 2017
  • by Carlos Lopez

As the world becomes more and more dangerous, home security becomes more and more important. This is especially true in big cities like Chicago, where crime is particularly common.

Home security, however, has become a little more complicated in recent years. There are so many options that it can be tough to choose exactly what you want. Of course, you can just ask for the basic package, but even that can include all sorts of technology that you didn’t even realize existed. It’s best to know the basics, at least, before you begin searching for the perfect home security system.

Here are a few features you might want to consider for your new system.

1. Wireless

As with almost everything else in this age, home security systems can now be connected wirelessly. In the past, a homeowner or technician would have to run wires through the walls to connect each system component. This process was expensive, complicated, and destructive. Although you can still have this type of system installed if you want, most people elect to install the wireless version. You simply connect each device to power and attach it to the wall. No experience, cables, or holes in the wall required.

2. Video and Audio

Many security systems also offer the ability to store and transmit video and audio. This can be helpful in a number of situations.

In the unhappy scenario where your house is broken into, your security system will provide video evidence of the break in. This will be beneficial to the police as they track down the criminal, in court if charges are brought, and with your insurance company as you negotiate a settlement. In addition, if something happens in or around your house that doesn’t make sense—even if it isn’t a break in—the tape will still be able to answer your questions. Without this feature, you’d be left guessing.

In some systems, the video and audio features can be used in real time. For example, if someone intentionally or accidentally activates this feature by stepping onto your property, you’ll be able to see them on your mobile device and communicate with them. This would be a great way to deter burglars or let the delivery person know when they should come back.

3. App Interfacing

Let’s talk a little more about how your new security system could interface with your mobile phone. Many modern security systems come with a free app that allows much more control over the system.

With this app, you can do things like watch and communicate with wanted and unwanted guests, turn sensors and alarms on and off, and monitor the state of the entire system. It will alert you anytime something occurs that needs your attention. Sometimes this app can even interface with other appliances in your house, like the heating and air system.

4. Extraneous Sensors

Many home security systems now extend beyond simply protecting your home from burglars. They can also include extra alarms and sensors.

For example, many of these systems come with smoke and fire sensors that can be connected to the security system. Some include carbon monoxide detectors, and a few even come with connectable water and temperature sensors.

Purchasing a system that comes with these types of sensors means that you don’t have to buy or maintain them separately. The best part is that, since all of the sensors are tied into the security system, they can all be monitored from the mobile app. Depending on the package that you purchase, you may also be able to have them monitored by a security company. If anything goes wrong, they can inform the appropriate authorities.

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