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5 Home Security Tips That Can Keep Your House Protected While You’re on Vacation

  • December 11, 2014
  • by Carlos Lopez

The holiday season is in full swing which means the time to visit out-of-state relatives is here. Unfortunately, the holidays also mean burglars are on the lookout for unoccupied homes. If your concerned your house may become a target due to your absence, consider implementing the 5 simple yet cost-effective home security tips provided below.

An Overflowing Mailbox

When a burglar spots a mailbox filled to the brim, they know they’ve found the perfect target. To avoid this common mistake, simply enlist a neighbor or friend to help you collect your mail each day. If nobody can lend you a hand, you can always visit your local post office to put a stop on your mail, which is easily reversed once you arrive home from your out-of-town excursion.

Set Your Timers

If your lights stay off all day and night, a burglar is sure to notice a lack of life in your home. Once again solving this issue only takes a few minutes and it won’t put a dent in your wallet. To create the illusion that your home is occupied, place timers on a variety of lights throughout your house. Having them set to turn on and off at various intervals makes it seem as though your house is constantly inhabited. To add even further credence to the illusion, put a timer on one of your TVs or on a radio.

Say No to Social Media

While announcing your vacation plans online is always frowned upon, you should also avoid broadcasting your travel escapades to people you may not know very well. For example, telling a waiter at your favorite restaurant, or your announcing on Facebook that you’ll be out-of-town for two weeks enjoying the warm weather may not be the wisest choice. Disclosing your vacation itinerary should go no further than your relatives and closest friends; otherwise you may be putting your home and your belongings in harm’s way.

Don’t Let the Snow be Your Giveaway

When you’re away during the winter, be sure to hire somebody to shovel your home’s walkways and driveway. Snow and ice build-up is a huge indication to burglars that a house is unoccupied. The same philosophy goes for the summer, when it eventually warms up around here. If you leave for over a week, ask a friend or neighbor to help with the upkeep of your lawn and flowers by mowing and watering your front yard and backyard.

Home Security Systems

Although, the above tips can help ward off potential burglars, having a home security system is essential to protecting your house. If you haven’t already installed an alarm, it is highly recommended you purchase one before going on your winter vacation. Unfortunately, homeowners forgetting to arm their security system is a mistake burglars often take advantage of. To avoid such a misstep, you can always arm and check your security system with our mobile app.

Securing your home while you’re on vacation centers around making smart choices, and one of the smartest choices you can make is installing home security systems. If you would like further information on how an alarm can keep your home and your family safe, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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