Buyer Beware: CBS Chicago Finds ADT Ads Too Good To Be True
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Buyer Beware: CBS Chicago Finds ADT Ads Too Good To Be True

by Carlos Lopez

CBS Chicago recently published results of an investigation into the business practices (false and deceptive advertising) of ADT's largest authorized reseller. 

If you have been approached by a sales person claiming to be from ADT, or a sales flyer in your mailbox, advertising a "FREE" ADT alarm system and thought that it sounded too good to be true, that's likely because it is. 

This recent CBS Chicago report found that the company responsible for the phony advertising had over 1,600 complaints with the Better Business Bureau. What is strange, and quite puzzling really, is that the BBB continued to provide the company the highest rating despite the many negative reviews they had received. 

Home security systems are an important investment in the safety of your home and family so make sure that the company installing your system is a trusted name but more importantly is committed to customer service and adheres to ethical standards. 

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