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Don’t Make Break-ins Easy. Remove These Obstacles

  • August 7, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

A different perspective in Illinois home security is securing the outside. A simple mistake like leaving unattended items in the yard is a pleasant and convenient surprise for criminals. Burglars see items as a weapon to pry a window or door into your home. It’s these careless errors why so many criminals have an easy entrance. Don’t make it easy to invite criminals into your home.


Homeowners see ladders as a resource to reach a second story window and roofs. Criminals see it as a weapon to break your window or ram your door in. Always place your ladders in a locked garage, utility closet, or shed when not in use.

Garden and Outdoor Tools

Along with ladders, leave no outdoor equipment unattended. Hoes, picks, garden scissors, hammers, and similar items are harmless outdoor equipment criminals’ use as an opportunity to get inside.

Garage Openings

Garage doors are a burglar’s haven! It’s a backdoor entrance to your home. Homeowners never secure the door as well as the remaining entrance ways, and criminals don’t mind taking advantage. Secure garage doors with dead bolts and additional locks. Automatic and manual car entrances openers are vulnerable to outside predators so conceal them.


While homeowners use it in case of emergency, hiding keys under the welcome mat, in your mailbox, or beneath a flowerpot is easy access for criminals. Criminals are smart; they will scope out the area and your entrance tactics in advance. Spare keys in secret locations won’t stay hidden long. In addition, tuck car keys away in your purse or in the home instead of leaving it in the car. Move car keys away from the garage too; criminals expect to find keys there.

Broken Locks and Windows

Lazy people are a burglar’s best friend. These people don’t feel like fixing windows and doors, and criminals understand. They will use this disadvantage to their advantage. It’s a simple way inside, giving burglars extra time to browse instead of prying doors and windows open. Unlocked sheds is a place to hide too, so fix those doors.

Sliding Entrances

Sliding doors and windows need extra attention. First, check installation. Sliders need to slide from the inside, not the outside. If it slides from the outside, the installation is incorrect. Second, install a security pole or track stop on the track so criminals can’t slide in.

While it is not a big deal to the average homeowner, these careless errors will cost residents grief. If you don’t take action, criminals won’t mind; they’ll take any welcome opportunity. Contact us for more information on home security.


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