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Factors to Evaluate with Overall Home Security

  • June 5, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

For many homeowners, the security of their home is a primary consideration, especially in the case of having young children. While installing a home security system is a typical response in terms of addressing these concerns, there are a lot of other factors to evaluate which contribute to your home’s overall safety profile.

Obvious Signs of an Uninhabited Home

Some obvious signs of an uninhabited home might include lights that are on around the clock, uncollected mail or newspapers and a lack of a vehicle in the driveway. Others might include unattended landscaping or open windows which allow for viewing into the inside of the home.

Be Wary of Whom is Let Inside the Home

Beware the friendly stranger. Even if they are not a criminal themselves, they may sell the information to a burglar looking for a “hot tip”, which is information on a home that would be worth targeting for a burglary. According to Urbach Letter, “Anytime you allow someone new to enter your home, you increase your risk of being robbed at a later date. Even a person who’s been in only once or twice has a good feel for the layout of your home, the value of your possessions, and the type of security system you have.” They may not be burglars themselves, but sources of information for other criminals.” This is even true in the case of the people who install home security systems.

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