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Five Home Security Tips for Those Who Live Alone

  • September 26, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

For those who live alone, home security is an important issue. Today, we would like to suggest five ways single residents can protect themselves and their homes from intruders.

  • Get a dog. Most would-be criminals would rather move on to an easier prey than try to enter a residence guarded by Fido. If getting a dog isn’t in the cards for you, that’s okay. Some landlords don’t allow them, some people don’t have time for them, some are allergic, and some just don’t like dogs in general. The great thing is, you don’t really need to have a dog in your house to make it LOOK like you have a dog in your house. A food and water bowl outside the door, a “Great Danes Welcome Here” doormat, or a “Beware of Dog” sign in the front window can all leave potential thieves with the impression that your house is well protected by your non-existent furry friend.  
  • Leave big, muddy, manly workbooks outside the front door. Just like the non-existent dog, a pair of boots can signal to intruders that someone else is living in the home, and because he left his boots at the door, chances are he is in the home at the moment they consider forcing their way in.
  • Use lights to your advantage. Make sure all entryways are well-lit. If you will be gone for long periods of time, consider purchasing an outlet timer and set lights to turn on during the evening hours.
  • Don’t allow mail and newspapers to pile up. These accumulated items signal to thieves that you are not at home and your dwelling is ripe for the picking.
  • Consider installing a high-quality home security system. According to police, residences without security systems are twenty times more likely to be broken into. Don’t make yourself an easy target for criminals. 

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