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Five Surprising Facts That Will Make You Consider Home Security For Yourself

  • February 20, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Home security services and devices are often considered, but not always used or implemented. A lot of people go about with their day thinking theft or home invasion won’t ever happen to them. Despite that way of thinking, we all know someone who has been a victim of robbery or burglary. Here are some things to consider:

  1. In 2013, there was an estimation of about 8,632,512 property crimes perpetrated in the US. 22.3 percent of those crimes were related to burglary, according to the FBI.
  2. A study done by AIREF states there is a fairly wide amount of variety in the distance a burglar might be willing to travel for the purpose of theft. Some traveled as much as a few hundred miles, sometimes over state lines, or simply walked up the street. With that in mind, the idea that some neighborhoods might be “safer” doesn’t hold up as much as one would hope.
  3. According to the same study, a reported 60% of burglars were deterred by the sight of alarms or cameras on a premises. Many planned burglaries where often dropped altogether in search of another target.
  4. HSS reports that roughly 34% of break-ins start at the front door, with older doors considered highly vulnerable by pushing and kicking. The report also sates that another 23% of break-ins happen involving first floor windows, another 22% percent originate at the back door, and garages bring up the rear at 9%.
  5. Safewise, a website dedicated to home security and reporting, indicates that in 28% of instances, there is a family member at home during a burglary, and is a victim of violence in 7% of those encounters.

Should any of this information make you reconsider your situation, that’s understandable. Many don’t realize just how possible a home intrusion actually is. If you would like to take steps to safeguard your home or just want more information regarding home security, contact us.


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