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Gifting Peace of Mind with Home Security

  • February 12, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

We all have them—the people who are impossible to find a great gift for. You’ve scoured Buzzfeed lists of “thoughtful gifts.” You’ve asked their relatives. You’re on the brink of resorting to that Olive Garden gift card. Instead, why not give some peace of mind with video monitoring?

We know what you’re thinking. Video monitoring? Home security may not be the first idea on your gift list, but hear us out. We’re banking your impossible-to-buy-for person will be thanking you. Here’s some reasons why:

1. Doorbells: Ever been home alone, heard the doorbell ring and been nervous to see who it is? With video monitoring, you can see real-time video on your phone and find out exactly who’s stopping by.

2. Kids: You and your spouse are out on a date when one of you says, “I hope the kids are doing okay with the new babysitter.” If you have video monitoring, the other one pulls out their phone and says, “Hang on. I’ll see.” You can access up to 10 cameras that pan, tilt, and zoom. Just let your sitter know beforehand that you may check in.

3. Pets: Have you ever been away for a couple of nights and wanted to make sure the cat’s bowls stay topped off? Video monitoring can make that happen. You can even save up to five viewing angles for easy panning around a room.

So, video monitoring is great for people who live alone, people who don’t, people with kids, people without, and people who love cats (and even those who don’t) – and modern equipment need not break the bank.

Basically, it’s an awesome gift for anyone. Contact us about scheduling an installation for your own impossible-to-buy for person.


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