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Home Security and Personal Safety For the 21st Century

  • May 18, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Between school or work schedules, errands, and other appointments, you are always on the run, coming and going from one central point—your home. Your home is there for you when you wake, and keeps you safe at night. Make home security a top priority as a way to say, “Thanks for being the roof over my head.”

Lock Doors & Warn Perpetrators

This may seem obvious, but leaving doors unlocked makes it easier for burglars and other home invaders to get in. No neighborhood, no matter how serene, is exempt from random acts of trespassing—that is what makes them random. Locking your windows and doors is active home safety, putting one more obstacle in front of potential perpetrators. Another precaution is to advertise your home security system. Use lawn signs, window clings, or any other measure you like to let intruders know they are being watched.

Lock-Down Social Accounts & Consider Against “Checking-In”

In the age of social media and status updates, your riskiest share may not be an unflattering selfie. Posting location updates and “checking-in” to events and businesses lets other social media users know where you are–and more importantly, where you are not. If you just “checked in” at your vacation hotel, then you are definitely not home. Keep your social updates as private as possible by setting accounts to “Friends-Only,” and monitor frequently for site policy changes. Consider against “check-ins” as they may be visible to others with a connection to the event or business.

Remote Alarm Control

You control your appointments, email, and social life from your mobile device; why not control your home security remotely, too? With a mobile application for your home security system, you can monitor and manage your home security no matter where you are. You can watch live video and even opt for text and email alerts. Staying connected with your home has never been easier!

Try our home security mobile app demo online, and contact us today to learn more about your home security options.


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