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Home Security Chicago: Why your Home should Contain Multiple Locks

  • April 20, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

When it comes to home security in Chicago, having the right locks are essential! It is obvious, but many don’t follow the logic that multiple locks are better than just one lock. Here are a few reasons why your home needs more than just one lock on each entryway.

#1. Acts As a Crime Deterrent

Burglars tend to choose homes that have inadequate security because they require less effort to break into. If an intruder notices more than one lock, chances are they will move on to an easier target.

#2. Increases the Odds Someone Will Get Caught

In the event a burglar does try to enter your home, it will take them longer to gain access, thereby increasing the odds that they will get caught.

#3. Gives you More Time to React

If a break-in is attempted while you are home, you are more likely to hear the intruder. This in turn will give you more time to take action, thereby ensuring the safety of your family and providing you with greater peace of mind.

#4. Catches the Intruder Off Guard

Criminals don’t usually expect doors to have more than one lock, and may be caught off guard when they discover yours does. This is especially true if you install a floor lock that can’t be seen from the outside. An intruder who is caught off guard may become flustered and abandon the break-in because he’s not sure what to do next.

Aside from placing multiple locks on your doors, the next best thing you can do to make your home more secure is to install a home security system. For help finding the alarm system that is right for you, contact us.


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