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Home Security Tips to Consider when Moving

  • April 10, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

When moving into a new home, one of your biggest concerns is probably home security. Planning how to be safe in your new home is something you can do even before you move. Here are some tips you can use while moving to help ensure your family’s safety.

Research your Neighborhood

Prior to your move, you should find out as much as possible about your new neighborhood. Sites such as Neighborhood Scout provide information about crime in different neighborhoods, so visiting one of these sites can give you a good idea what to expect. You should also plan on visiting at different times of the day and evening to learn more about your neighbors. Other things to find out about your neighborhood include:

  • Whether or not any neighborhood watch groups exist
  • Availability of emergency services
  • What utilities are available and how meters are read, as this ensures strangers are not roaming your property unnecessarily

Walk Around your Home

The first thing you should do upon arrival is to walk around your home looking for places where security could be compromised. Some things to look for include:

  • Windows that sit low to the ground and could easily be crawled through
  • Shrubbery that might allow intruders a place to hide
  • Areas around your home that are not well lit at night
  • Missing, broken or damaged locks that indicate someone has previously attempted to break in

Plan your Move Carefully

If your move will take more than one day, plan accordingly to keep your belongings safe. Have deadbolt locks changed before you move if possible so you won’t have to worry about previous occupants having access to your stuff. You may also want to have an alarm system installed ahead of time to ensure your new place is as secure as possible. To find the right alarm system for your new residence, contact us.


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