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One Important Business Security Tip for Businesses in Chicago

  • November 6, 2015
  • by Carlos Lopez

Your business is an important part of your life. It provides you with an income, and it also provides your employees with the jobs they need to pay their bills. Unfortunately, while you highly value your business, it is also an extremely vulnerable target. Theft is a major problem for businesses, and you must take action in order to prevent theft.

Thieves have a wide variety of ways to take advantage of your business. During the day, your business is packed with people and it is difficult for thieves to take advantage. However, once the business day closes thieves take advantage of the opportunity. Businesses are four times as likely as homes to be the victims of burglars, and the prime time to burglar a business is after hours. 

Many companies focus primarily on preventing loss from inside the company, and that is a major problem. Shoplifting can lead to a great deal of loss, but burglars can take even more product. Burglars have a much larger time span to work with, and they may damage your property during the process. Fortunately, there are critical steps that you can take to prevent burglars from taking advantage of you. 

Video surveillance is an extremely important theft prevention tool. The cameras will have a major impact as a deterrent. Burglars look for soft targets, and a business that is being watched is not as likely to fall victim to an attack.

Live video surveillance can also cut down on crime by allowing police to have a much faster reaction time. These extra minutes of response time are the difference between losing a few items, and losing most of your store.

Finally, video surveillance will allow you to gather the evidence necessary to prosecute any criminals that do get away. Having this evidence should lead to you getting the items that were stolen returned. 

All businesses should have some business security strategy, but one of the best strategies available today is live video surveillance. Contact us today to set your security system today.


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