2020 Home Security Trends: Smart Home Technology Discover how today's homeowners are getting smart about protecting their property

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Smart Home Security Technology in 2020

  • March 27, 2020
  • by Carlos Lopez

Security solutions for homes are more advanced and convenient to use than ever before. Over the last decade we’ve seen incredible smart home technology developments that are enhancing the home owner’s ability to remotely monitor their security system. This advanced connectivity has empowered individuals to live their everyday lives without disruption and maintain a high level of security in and around their property.

This new decade is continuing on this path of improved connectivity, and it’s not slowing down. In fact, it is speeding up…a lot! With the rise of 5G networks and artificial intelligence (AI), smart home technology is achieving faster and smarter security solutions for homes.

Security Solutions with the Speed of a 5G Network

2020 is the year of the 5G network. Cellular companies are excitedly advertising this new speed of data. However, some of the most impressive applications of a 5G network are being realized in the home security market.

There’s only so fast a person can read a message and select an option, but for a computer, faster network speeds offer extraordinary possibilities for communicating and reacting to security threats.

5G technology reduces the time it takes for a security system to analyze and respond to a situation – from 40-60 milliseconds down to as low as just 1 millisecond. When it comes to a home security system, those extra fifty milliseconds before an alarm notification is triggered or a mobile alert is sent could make all the difference.

Motion detection and video surveillance systems are immensely improved by this faster 5G response time. Over the last several years, home security companies have been offering homeowners customized trigger zones and the ability to adjust motion detection sensitivity. However, video monitoring with a 5G network is providing enhanced security solutions with faster responses to motion. Imagine the improved sense of protection homeowners will experience with almost immediate reaction from their motion detection devices. In response to a security threat, real-time alerts and communication to other devices rely heavily on an advanced system of connectivity.

Smart Home Technology with Advanced Connectivity

Connectivity is becoming increasingly popular and possible with the speed of the 5G network. Technology is communicating with other technology faster and smarter than ever before. Connecting multiple devices within a home security system improves this interaction between devices, making information convenient and easy to control through seamless communication.

The rise of devices talking to each other has been at the core of smart home technology over the last several years. The number of overall technology devices connected in 2018 was estimated at 10 billion and this number is expected to grow to 64 billion globally by 2025. The faster speeds of the 5G network are at the core of this increase in opportunity for advanced connectivity. The faster a device can process and inform other devices, the faster your systems can react and communicate. Throughout the next decade, we look forward to more efficient and dependable communication between security devices.

Connectivity not only makes home security systems dependable but also more convenient. Picture all the smart home devices that a homeowner would want to communicate and respond to a security conflict, now imagine them all connected through advanced connectivity.

Unexpected motion triggers the security system, which turns on the lights in the house, locks the doors, sends an alert to a security company and your mobile device – all in one fell swoop.

This connectivity is already at play from many companies like Security Doctors, who install smart home technology like the Honeywell door locks that connect to a homeowner’s phone and programmable smart lighting that connects to a security trigger. More and more companies are continuing to emphasize connectivity and explore opportunities to continue to make home security systems dependable and convenient to use.

Security Solutions of the Future

Connected devices on a fast network are only a piece of what we will see heading into the new decade. AI-operating technologies are beginning to enhance security solutions for homes. AI sounds like a feature of the future, but it is in fact already at work in large. Facial recognition in cameras and behavior learning features like those of thermostats are already gaining popularity in the home security market.

With technology taking over the world, homeowners often begin to question whether full reliance on these home security systems is possible without a monitoring company. Is AI the future of DIY security solutions for homes? There’s no denying that computers are learning and becoming smarter every day. However, it’s important to emphasize the “learning” element of this idea. AI and technology are learning to communicate like never before, but a security company to monitor those devices, ensure they are operating properly and are able to respond 24/7 is still necessary for optimal home security and peace of mind.

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