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Smart Home Security Trends

3 Smart Home Security Trends

  • February 5, 2016

Bringing technology into the home is not new news, but controlling all aspects of your house, from lights to the temperature, is revolutionary. With more and more projects that can make your home “smart,” home security is just one component many homeowners are adopting. Here are 3 growing smart home security trends that homeowners enjoy. 1. Automated door locks: Forgot to lock the door, but are already miles away? Smart door locks are the way to go, especially for a busy…

Home Security Chicago: Why your Home should Contain Multiple Locks

  • April 20, 2015

When it comes to home security in Chicago, having the right locks are essential! It is obvious, but many don’t follow the logic that multiple locks are better than just one lock. Here are a few reasons why your home needs more than just one lock on each entryway. #1. Acts As a Crime Deterrent Burglars tend to choose homes that have inadequate security because they require less effort to break into. If an intruder notices more than one lock,…

Home Security Companies Warn Homes Could be Hacked

  • March 16, 2015

WLS has done a study on criminals’ capability in hacking your home security. Families with automated homes are vulnerable to attack by hackers, they have found. A security researcher hacked into his own home’s security features to show WLS’ reporter not only how it is done, but how invisible the whole thing is. In other words, a home’s automated systems can be hacked without the family or home security companies being the wiser. The Basics It begins with a wireless…