Where to Place Home Security Cameras Discover the optimal locations and angles when placing home security systems

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Planning, Positioning & Placing Home Security Cameras

  • July 16, 2019
  • by Carlos Lopez
Security is a major concern for homeowners across the nation. While it is true that crime statistics are down in many areas, thieves are also becoming bolder, willing to strike in areas that had previously been safe from such concerns.

For example, the suburbs of major cities like Chicago have become attractive targets for burglars. Having been pushed out of many areas of the city by public and private surveillance cameras and other security measures, thieves have turned their attention to the softer targets outside the city limits. As such, many average citizens are purchasing their own security systems and signing up with various monitoring services.

Before investing in a video security system, the homeowner should have a good idea of where to place his their new security cameras. Otherwise that new system may record nothing but the ground or leave important areas uncovered.

Where to Place Home Security Cameras

The most important places are of course all the entryways into the home. This includes front, side, and backdoors. If there is a way into the home it should be under surveillance. If you are on a limited budget and can only afford a few cameras, focus on the entries that aren’t visible from the street. A stormdoor at the back of the house in a heavily treed backyard, or one with a privacy fence, are more attractive breakin points than the front door.

Also, keep in mind that the cameras should be low enough that they can get a good look at the would-be thief’s face. Having them high up covers more ground but it means nothing if all you see is the top of a head. The downside is that making them that low is likely to invite vandalism. To prevent that, invest in a set of dome lights. They aren’t impervious to tampering but it does make it more difficult.

If possible, guard the windows as well, at least on the ground floor. Again, the main areas to be concerned with are at the back of the house.

A good place to cover both the windows and the doors are the corners of the home. By placing them at the corners, there will be an excellent field of view covering however much area you would like. It’s also easy to have overlapping fields of view. However, be sure to cover any alcoves or hidden areas. Pillars, plants and other things on the landing can obscure the camera’s field of vision. Always be sure to check your sightlines before installation.

One place to put a camera most people don’t think about is the garage. A connected garage will have an entry point into the home, an entry point that is completely blocked from view, often with a number of tools handy. Place a camera near the entry point in a visible location to deter would-be thieves from using your own crowbar against you.

Finally, be sure to cover sun rooms or other structures that tend to have weaker doors and locks in low visibility areas. These can provide tempting entry points for burglars looking for a quick and easy job.

Security is no joke, whether you live in the city or on the outskirts. By having your own system with well-placed cameras you can deter a number of burglars. Even if one takes the chance, by having well-placed cameras, you have made it much easier to identify the culprit, ensuring at the least he spends a lot of time in jail to contemplate the errors of his ways.


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