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Preventing False Alarms with Home Security Systems

  • December 24, 2018

The false alarm problem in the Chicago home security market is one that demands serious attention. Not only do false alarms waste the resources of first responders such as police and fire departments, they also put homeowners at risk of not getting an emergency response when it is needed the most which is counter to the reason for having a home security system in the first place. While a difficult thing to hear, most false alarms are actually the result…

The Ten Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Chicago

  • December 3, 2018

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods – 77 total defined “community areas” in fact – and some are (far) more dangerous than others. While you’ll likely not be in immediate danger in downtown or the North side, some parts of the South and West sides are incredibly dangerous at certain times of the day and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The city of Chicago is eclectic and diverse from the north to the south, from the lakeshore to the…