Toward a Better Security Plan for Home & Business A 5-Step Security Plan to Help You Reduce Risk & Danger

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Security Plan for Home or Business

  • September 6, 2018
  • by Carlos Lopez

When it comes to security, there is no stronger deterrent to criminals than knowing that homeowners and property managers have a security plan in place and are increasingly turning to systems to keep their valuables, and more importantly their families or business personnel, safe.

Security systems are proven effective at keeping people and things safe, but without a formal plan, systems designed to improve a family’s or business’ security can sometimes actually do the opposite.

If you are serious about making sure that your home or business remains as secure as necessary, read through and adopt the following security plan template. You’ll find details on what to secure, how to secure it, and what steps you can take to make absolutely sure that the security of your home or business

    • Security systems for home or business are not a one-time expenditure, but a long-term investment that requires maintenance and oversight. Make sure that you realize this as systems that become inoperable will not be able to provide the protection you deserve. As your security system ages, consider upgrading it to include video cameras, panic buttons or additional sensors throughout the property.
    • It is common for criminals to take the path of least resistance into a home or business. That means at a minimum that doors and windows, which are often kept open and unsecured for ease of use or comfort, are typically the most vulnerable areas. Instruct anyone entering or leaving a property to lock and secure the premises, and consider installing peepholes indoors without windows.
    • Doors and windows need attention in any formal security plan. Consider replacing “hollow” doors with those of higher quality construction and make sure that hinges are in good working condition to prevent break-ins. Another option is to consider installing strike plates; a metal plate attached to the door jam that keeps the lock and bolt secure.
    • The outside (the perimeter) of a home or business must also be considered when developing a strategic security plan. Make sure that fences and gates are in good working order, that motion lights are operable and focused in the right direction (down) and on the right paths (such as key entry points and gangways). Another option is to put placards or signs on the property to indicate to would-be criminals that the area is being monitored.
    • The inside of a home or business also presents an opportunity to improve security. Lights in strategic areas can and should be set to turn on at a specific time, for example, and anyone within the property should know where personal protection devices including mace, pepper spray or stun guns and how they should be used. To enhance the security of a property, installing a panic room (and making sure that everyone knows where it is and how to get there) is also a smart decision.

Keep in mind that crime happens everywhere – in safe neighbourhoods and areas that are not so safe. Having a plan to keep the family you love and the property you own secure is a must in this day and age. Make sure that everyone you aim to protect is familiar with your security plans and how to operate those systems on a day to day basis and in the event of an emergency.

Security, whether for home or business, is important. Reach out to a qualified home security company or a certified alarm professional in your area to help you and those you protect develop a security plan that meets your safety needs.




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