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Home Security: Make the Outside of Your Home Look Less Appealing

  • January 22, 2016
  • by Carlos Lopez

If you are focused on home security, you may have thought about installing new deadbolts on your doors or installing a burglar alarm in your home. However, taking a few steps now can make your home look a lot less appealing from the outside, which can prevent a would-be thief from tampering with your windows and doors in the first place. Follow these tips to make the outside of your home look a lot less thief-friendly.

Install Visible Security Cameras

Thieves don’t like security cameras. Not only do they not want to be captured on these cameras and potentially arrested, but they also might wonder if you have other security equipment installed in your home. Installing visible security cameras near the entrances to your home and property can help encourage thieves to continue walking.

Keep Your Property Maintained

A property that appears poorly maintained can be a sign that no one is home, which can make a thief think that he or she has a free-for-all pass to break into your home and steal your stuff. Keep your grass cut and your property kept clean at all times — this means that even when you’re out of town, you should hire someone to come out and do it for you.

Light it Up

Another thing that thieves don’t like is ample lighting on your property. If there are motion lights and other ample lights, they might pass your property on for a place that’s a little bit darker.

Start protecting your home by working from the outside in. If you need security cameras or other security equipment, contact us today.


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